Our Commitment

Through our sustainable approach to electricity generation and waste management we realise the following benefits from Biogas:

  • Removal of organic waste from landfill
  • Reduction of new landfill sites
  • Generate Electricity using organic waste
  • Reduce and reuse water
  • Reduce Green House Gas emissions
  • By product – an organic soil enhancer/ fertiliser

Environmental Impact

BEH considers sustainability a core value of our business that envelopes all aspects of our operations.

Work Environment

Our commitment supports a safe working environment for staff, communities in which we operate through implementation of local environmental legislation and international best practices.


The Government of South Africa initiated the National Waste Management Strategy of 2011 to guide the implementation of the National Environmental Act: Waste Act 59 of 1998.

This Strategy was updated in 2020 to encourage the reduction of new landfills in South Africa as landfill airspace has become extremely limited.

Biogas facilities support this initiative as they accept organic waste and through their anaerobic processes generate electricity which serves to reduce GHG emissions and their detrimental effects on the planet.