Bio2Watt’s model consists of taking the earlier development risks, by committing time and resources to establishing the feasibility of construction of a sustainable biogas solution on a particular site. This includes the assessment of waste volumes as well as other requirements that need to be met in order to ensure a project’s viability. Bio2Watt thus retains full ownership of the project up until financial closure.

Our projects are replicable waste-to-energy biogas developments that make use of waste streams situated in the plant’s vicinity to produce green energy, reduce load on landfills, create jobs and leave a cleaner environment.                             ..

Once developed, the projects end up as stand alone energy producers in one of two models:


Large Biogas Plants as Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) generating renewable energy which is wheeled through the national or municipal grid to an  industrial off-taker


When certain conditions are met ±1MW projects for on site co-generation solutions

Power price projections

Electricity price increases in South Africa are currently above inflation and due to continue this way for the foreseeable future. Renewable energy technologies are becoming increasingly competitive when compared to traditional forms of fossil fuel derived power. Within the next few years, electricity from biogas will be cheaper than the national blended tariff, creating a situation where biogas IPP’s will be able to compete on price with the National Blended Tarriff.



Bio2Watt is not technology-specific but our primary focus for the next six years is on anaerobic digestion and biomass technologies. This technology is mature with a large number of plants already in operation throughout Asia, Europe and America. In Germany alone, the installed capacity of biogas is higher than solar or wind.


The two Bio2Watt projects currently in development are conventional Continuous Stirred Tank reactors (CSTR) known for their reliability and efficiency. Other waste-to-energy technologies such as gasification, plasma, combustion and pyrolysis will be explored in the medium term when these technologies have been adequately researched and commercially proven. Going forward, the choice of technology will ultimately be dictated by the feedstock. Partnerships with leading international & local technology companies will drive this process.


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